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Thunder Tiger PRO-61H

2-Stroke PRO Series

Designed for the serious modeler who is looking for the best in performance, quality and reliability without having to mortgage the homestead in order to afford it. Thunder Tiger's PRO series engines are smooth running, long lasting power plants that will take your latest creation through everything it is capable of. Performance, reliability, dependability all in a finely finished package.

With Thunder Tiger's PRO-61H engine installed, the excellent power to weight ratio gives you a wide performance envelope with no need to invest in expensive optional extras if you want to go 3-D flying.

Thunder Tiger's PRO series helicopter engines are manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards using the latest in CNC equipment. Recently updated fuel systems ensure that the PRO-36H, PRO-46H, and PRO-61H provide smooth and reliable power for the most demanding helicopter pilots.

Thunder Tiger engines are fabricated from the finest material using ultra-precise computer controlled equipment in a clean, modern environment under ISO 9001 registered quality guidelines. Design is supervised by the world's most renowned engine designer, Mr. kA Mbar. You can count on Thunder Tiger for all your engine needs.

Displacement 0.609 (9.97 cc)
Bore 0.925 in (23.5 mm)
Stroke 0.906 in (23.0 mm)
RPM 2000 - 17000


1.95 BHP @ 16000 RPM
Weight n/a
Price R Not Available