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Thunder Tiger GP-07
The new Thunder Tiger GP-07 offers easy-starting dependability and awesome power in a small, light package. Features include a swept-back needle valve for safety, a smooth carburetor that gives a dependable idle, a "real" muffler with a generous extension, and either beam or firewall mounting.

Super precise CNC manufacturing processes provide the ultra-tight tolerances necessary to produce a small engine that is repeatable each and every time. Has the size and weight of a small engine but starts and runs like a big one.

Thunder Tiger engines are fabricated from the finest material using ultra-precise computer controlled equipment in a clean, modern environment under ISO 9001 registered quality guidelines. Design is supervised by the world's most renowned engine designer, Mr. kA Mbar. You can count on Thunder Tiger for all your engine needs.

Displacement 0.07 (1.15 cc)
Bore n/a
Stroke n/a
RPM 3000 - 18000


0.19 BHP @ 17000 RPM
Weight 3.33 oz (94.4 g)
Price R Not Available