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Thunder Tiger Champion 45L ARF

Be a champion, buy a Champion! The Champion Series of airplanes gives a "quick cure for pattern fever." Designed for precision aerobatic maneuvers, either Champion will make any pilot look good. Fully symmetrical airfoil and neutrally stable planform make the Champion groove in any maneuver, from a simple roll to the most advanced FAI rulebook routine.

Choose from the Champion 45L, a low-wing tail dragger, or the Champion 45S, a shoulder wing trike gear version with a cool and sleek tinted canopy.

Wingspan 55.6" (1412mm)
Wing Area 622 in2 (40.2dm2)
Weight 5.5-6.5 lbs. (3-3.5kg)
Fuselage Length 51" (1295mm)


.45-.46 2 stroke
Radio 4 Channel
Not Available