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Traxxas Street Sport

Traxxas Street Sport 1/10 scale on-road street racer

Traxxas revolutionizes street racing with the 1/10 scale Street Sport. It's a totally new car, engineered to bring together the incredible speed and efficiency of a direct drive transmission with the road-hugging ability of fully independent suspension. It's a real difference you can see and feel.

Street Sport's direct drive is the most efficient way to get the power to the wheels. The direct drive gear ratios allow speed not possible with conventional gearboxes.

Street Sport is the fastest electric, production ready-to-run you can buy. The patented ball differential distributes the power smoothly when cornering, to help prevent spin outs. It adjusts in seconds with no disassembly.

The included Stinger 20-turn motor is 20% faster than typical stock motors, right out of the box. When the road gets rough, Steet Sport keeps its composure. Its independent suspension works with the oil-filled Ultra ShocksTM to keep your wheels on the ground and the car in control.

No matter what your passion is- stock cars, euro sedans, or sports cars; Street Sports chassis is dimensioned to accept the dozens of different body styles found at your local hobby dealer. Pick your favorite and make Street Sport the car of your dreams. Street Sport is available as a kit or ready-to-run.

Model 4210: Fully assembled and ready-to-run with TQ radio system, and Stinger motor
Model 4201: Unassembled kit with Stinger motor and Speed control. The radio system is not included.

Length 17.375 inches (440mm)
Front Track 7 inches (178mm)
Rear Track 7 inches (178mm)
Weight 45.6oz (1.29kg)
Height (overall) 4.938 inches (125mm)
Wheelbase 10.313 inches (262mm)
Front Shock Length Short
Rear Shock Length Short
Front Tires Centerpoint Slicks
Rear Tires Centerpoint Slicks
Front Wheels 2.1" Dished Styled Wheels
Rear Wheels 2.1" Dished Styled Wheels
Speed Control Type Rotary
Motor (electric) Stinger 20-turn
Gear Ratio Range Adjustable from 4:1 to 7.14:1
Differential Type Ball Differential
Gear Pitch 48-Pitch
Chassis Type Modified Tub
Chassis Material Composite Nylon
Engine (fuel-powered) Not Available
Brake Type Not Available
Fuel Tank Capacity Not Available
Price R Not Available

Available unassembled or ready to race