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Upgraded! Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec Upgraded!

The Nitro 4-Tec with the power of the TRX 2.5 Racing Engine defines a whole new category of Ready-To-RaceŽ vehicles from Traxxas. Out of the box, the rear exhaust TRX 2.5 propels the Nitro 4-Tec to Supercar status with speeds over 60 MPH, nearly twice as fast as most competitors!

The Nitro 4-Tec is race ready with its adjustable 2-speed transmission, full ball bearings, 3-belt drive system, disc brake, and racing tires on 2.0 mesh tuner wheels. The 2.5mm blue anodized aluminum chassis is fully countersunk on the bottom, including the special engine mounting screws.

The installed TRX 2.5 engine features a tuned pipe and the push-button starting convenience of the Traxxas EZ-Start 2™. The sophisticated, fully adjustable suspension uses oil filled Ultra Shocks and bellcrank steering for precise control. The center-mounted fuel tank keeps the weight balance consistent as the fuel level changes. No messy painting or trimming is required with the hot-looking ProGraphix painted body.

NOW WITH PRE-GLUED RACING TIRES!These durable Traxxas 2.0 mesh wheels for the Nitro 4-Tec fit all popular on-road touring sedans. They come with superb pre-glued racing tires with contoured molded foam inserts. Their lower profile increases sidewall strength and contact patch. The 10-fork design and realistic aluminum finish will enhance the look of any tourer. Packaged in sets of four for convenience and economy.

It’s been the only RTR Nitro Supercar good enough to be a Radio Controlled Car Action Car of the Year winner!

MODEL 4810: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Run™, with TQ™ radio with TRX 2.5 Racing Engine


60+ MPH top speed
• TRX 2.5 Racing Engine
• 3-belt 4-wheel drive system
• Adjustable 2-speed auto-shifting transmission
• 200mm wide
• Very-low center of gravity (CG)
• Fuel tank is mounted at the center of gravity
• 2.0 Nylon mesh wheels (bright, aluminum finish)
• Pre glued racing tires with contoured inserts
• Full ball bearings
• Reactive caster capability and adjustable caster angle
• Full turnbuckles
• Adjustable ride height
• Tuned exhaust pipe
• Fully-countersunk aluminum chassis
• Engine and engine mount are a structural part of the chassis
• Front upper and lower suspension arms
• Bellcrank steering system
• Planetary gear differentials with bearing supported shafts
• Optional ball differentials, gearsets, graphite chassis, aluminum pulleys, and sway bars, with sliding adjustable sway bar mounts.

Length 17 inches (448mm)
Front Track 7.64 inches (194mm)
Rear Track 7.8 inches (198mm)
Weight 62oz (RTR w/ rx batts)
Height (overall) 4.875 inches (111mm)
Wheelbase 10.16 inches (258mm)
Front Shock Length Short
Rear Shock Length Short
Front Tires pre-glued racing tires with contoured molded foam inserts
Rear Tires pre-glued racing tires with contoured molded foam inserts
Front Wheels 2.0" Traxxas 2.0 mesh wheels
Rear Wheels 2.0" Traxxas 2.0 mesh wheels
Gear Ratio (1st gear) 2.56
Gear Ratio (2nd gear) 1.85
Differential Type Planetary
Chassis Type Double-decked
Chassis Material 2.5mm blue anodized aluminum
Engine (fuel-powered) TRX 2.5 Racing engine w/ EZ-Start
Brake Type Disc
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.65oz (75cc)
Not Available