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OS FS .70 II Surpass

Famous Surpass power - now with more convenience and performance

The FS-70 Surpass II comes equipped with a newly designed carburetor with a new carb needle that provides smooth response throughout the power range especially from idle to running speed and the carb is positioned on the centerline for increased mounting flexibility. The throttle arm is mounted directly in line with the rotor to ensure that throttle inputs match carb response. To minimize the need to modify the cowl, the high- and low-speed adjustment screws are located on the same side.

  • Exhaust is routed back into the engine so there's less residue on the fuselage and inside of the cowl
  • A larger muffler offers better noise reduction
  • Includes standard Surpass performance features such as a rear bearing that's permanently lubricated and rubber-sealed, and a piston ring, crankshaft and camshaft that are plated to resist corrosion
The carb is now positioned on the centerline, for increased mounting flexibility. The tube on the side connects the fuel intake to a 90 outlet on the crankcase vent that allows for routing of the exhaust back into the engine - keeping the fuselage and inside of the cowl cleaner.
Displacement 0.702 (11.5 cc)
Bore 1.02 in (25.9 mm)
Stroke 0.870 in (22.1 mm)
RPM 2000 - 12000


1.1 BHP @ 11000 RPM
Weight 20.30 oz (575 g)
Recommended Props 11x8-9, 12x7-8, 12.5x6
Price R Not Available