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OS FS .52 Surpass
O.S. developed the Surpass Series of 4-stroke engines for discerning fliers who demand more power. Able to swing larger props and supply more usable horsepower, Surpass 4-strokes provide the best performance for your plane, regardless of scale or flying style.
  • All Surpass engines feature a helix gear-driven camshaft on the front end and dependable updraft carburetor in the back.
  • All include glow plug and standard silencer.
Displacement 0.523 (8.57 cc)
Bore 0.906 in (23.01 mm)
Stroke 0.811 in (20.6 mm)
RPM 2300 - 13000


0.90 BHP @ 12000 RPM
Weight 14.19 oz (402 g)
Recommended Props 10x9-10, 10.5x8-9, 11x7-8
Price R Not Available