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OS FS-52H Surpass

Impressive O.S. 4-stroke power for heli fliers

Heli fliers who are looking to boost their heli's performance with a 4-stroke engine can benefit from a special heli version of the O.S. FS-52. This power plant delivers the muscle required for performing thrilling aerobatics, thanks to many features that it shares with its fixed-wing counterpart.

  • Type 40N carburetor with automatic mixture control offers more stable idling and good mid-range performance.
  • Needle and idling adjustments can be made from same side for convenience, and the needle direction is reversible to meet any application
  • The crankshaft, camshaft and piston ring have been plated to prevent corrosion
  • The rear ball bearing is rubber-sealed for added durability and corrosion resistance
  • The crankshaft comes specially adapted for Kyosho's Legato helicopter
Displacement 0.523 (8.6 cc)
Bore 0.906 in (23.0 mm)
Stroke 0.811 in (21.0 mm)
RPM 2300 - 13000


0.9 BHP @ 12000 RPM
Weight 15.3 oz (435 g)
Price R Not Available