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OS FS 1.20 Surpass III with pump

Tremendous 4-stroke power for high-demand applications

  • New regulating style pump delivers better response and is more reliable
  • Quieter than before, thanks to a larger muffler
  • Rear ball bearing is greased internally and rubber-sealed on both sides
  • The crankshaft, cam shaft and piston ring are plated to resist corrosion
  • Features a reversible carb and black rocker cover
Displacement 1.2 (19.7 cc)
Bore 1.197 in (30.4 mm)
Stroke 1.083 in (27.5 mm)
RPM 2000 - 12000


2.1 BHP @ 12000 RPM
Weight 32.5 oz (920 g)
Recommended Props 14X9-11, 15X8-10, 16X6, 17X6, 18X6
Price R Not Available