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OS .81 VR-M

Maximum size, maximum power , maximum precision

The O.S. .81 VR-M engine offers incredible performance and unsurpassed reliability. Drawing from the technology used to design the VR-DF series ducted fan engines, these ultra-high rpm engines feature ABC piston/sleeve construction for high compression and superior output. Developed to produce the high horsepower serious marine racers crave.

  • High speed performance characteristics

  • Glow plugs are required

Note: Due to their high-speed performance characteristics, O.S. does not offer a warranty on marine engines .40 size and larger.

Displacement 0.794 (13.0 cc)
Bore 1.024 in (26.0 mm)
Stroke 0.965 in (24.5 mm)
RPM 2500 - 25000


4.2 BHP @ 22000 RPM
Weight 32.30 oz (916 g)
Price R Not Available