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OS .46 VX-M

High-speed, fine-tuned performance for serious boat racers

The finely tuned VX-M series for serious boat racers, O.S. marine engines are designed and built to the highest quality standards.

The .46 VX-M utilises the same technology as that used in the popular .46 VX-DF ducted fan engines, giving the same power and precision to the marine racing enthusiast.

  • More crankcase "webbing" minimizes distortion from high rpm operation
  • Improved porting increases power and smooths throttle response
  • One-piece crankcase design adds durability and dependability

Note: Due to their high-speed performance characteristics, O.S. does not offer a warranty on marine engines .40 size and larger.

Displacement 0.455 (7.46 cc)
Bore 0.866 in (22.0 mm)
Stroke 0.772 in (19.61 mm)
RPM 2500 - 28000


2.50 BHP @ 28000 RPM
Weight 15.70 oz (445 g)
Price R Not Available