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New .46 ducted fan powerhouse boosts a jet's performance

With advanced technology that allows it to produce 25% more power than the .46 VR-DF, O.S.' new .46 VX-DF is perfect for pilots of medium-size jets. A rear-mounted carb and exhaust make this powerplant ideal for most tractor-style and pusher-style applications. The list of features found on the .46 VX-DF is extensive and includes a high-precision drum valve induction and high-performance carburetor which delivers better fuel metering.

  • Bar stock head provides better heat transfer; larger fin area allows better cooling
  • More crankcase "webbing" minimizes distortion from high rpm operation
  • Improved porting increases power and smooths throttle response
  • One-piece crankcase design adds durability and dependability
  • A bolt-on exhaust adapter offers more flexibility for modelers when selecting an exhaust system.

Note: Due to their high-speed performance characteristics, O.S. does not offer a 2-year warranty on ducted-fan engines.

Displacement 0.455 (7.45 cc)
Bore 0.866 in (22.0 mm)
Stroke 0.772 in (19.6 mm)
RPM 2500 - 28000


2.5 BHP @ 23000 RPM
Weight 16.31 oz (466 g)
Price R Not Available