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OS FX 1.60
The 1.60 FX is the largest in the popular FX line of aircraft engines, but still boasts many performance features in the traditional short, compact FX design that accommodates tight installations. This power plant comes with a remote needle that can be mounted three ways: vertical, horizontal, and separate from the engine. It's engineered for low fuel consumption, with a wide, wing-shaped exhaust port that contributes to higher torque at lower rpm.
  • Can be flown on FAI fuel as well as glow fuels with up to 25% nitro content
  • Includes a 3/8-24 size safety lock nut and smaller prop nut to fit APC propellers
  • Easy-adjusting Type 60F carburetor offers good throttle response
  • Included E-5010 silencer provides quiet flight
Displacement 1.60 (26.22 cc)
Bore 1.32 in (33.528 mm)
Stroke 1.16 in (29.464 mm)
RPM 1800 - 10000


3.7 BHP @ 9000 RPM
Weight 32.6 oz (925 g)
Recommended Props Aerobatic: 15x12-14, 16x10-14, 16.5x10-13
Sport: 17x10-13, 18x10-12
Price R Not Available