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OS .15 LD & .15 LD-X

These "low-profile" car engines delivers high performance!

The O.S. .12 LD & .15 LD Power Block engines are like no other powerplants, with a "laydown" design that helps lower the car's center of gravity. This offers the benefit of improved stability and control, especially during cornering. It also features a greatly increased fin area that utilizes the air flow under the body to cool the engine more efficiently. Low profile design allows the LD to fit under virtually any body without cutting or modification, so there's less drag and the car's scale appearance is preserved.

  • Machined-in bolt holes on underside allows the LD to bolt directly to the chassis, eliminating the need for an engine mount
  • Type 10F slide valve carburetor positioned on the side of the crankcase allows easy adjustments of high-/low-speed needles
  • "X" versions include also include a built-in, easy-operating recoil starter that eliminates the need for a separate electric starter and battery
  • Includes: #A3 glow plug; exhaust header; air filter
  • Requires: tuned pipe; coupler; fuel
Displacement 0.152 (2.49 cc)
Bore 0.598 in (15.0 mm)
Stroke 0.539 in (13.7 mm)
RPM 3000 - 30000


0.68 BHP @ 30000 RPM
Weight 9.6 oz (273 g)
11.86 oz (336 g) including recoil starter
Price R Not Available

Also available with recoil starter