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OS LA-S .15

O.S. technology comes to control-line engines!

Now control-line pilots can now take advantage of the power and affordability that have made “LA” the most popular letters in R/C.

  • LA-S engines replace the carb with a venturi that keeps the engine running at a constant speed
  • A remote-mounted needle valve—the most asked-for pilot option—is standard, rear-mounted for safety and added impact protection
  • A nylon backplate mount and rachet spring help hold settings against changes caused by vibration
  • An O-ring helps seal the needle from air and fuel leaks
  • Heavy-duty webbing reinforces the one-piece crankcase in high-stress areas
  • Other significant features include: bronze bushings for low-friction operation, a flat prop washer and longer crankshaft that provide more thread to engage, and a squared heat sink head and added fin area to increase cooling and enhance performance and longevity
  • A bonus feature found on all LA-S engines: the fuel inlet and needle valve can be oriented either horizontally or vertically for added mounting flexibility.
Displacement 0.152 (2.49 cc)
Bore 0.598 in (15.2 mm)
Stroke 0.539 in (13.7 mm)
RPM 2500 - 18000


0.41 BHP @ 17000 RPM
Weight 4.56 oz (129.5 g)
Recommended Props 8x4-6
Price R Not Available