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OS .15 CV-A

CV power and performance for airplanes

Famous CV engine technology has now been adapted for R/C airplane use. The result is the.15 CV-A--a bold new power plant for your racing plane or combat aircraft.

  • Uses a head designed for aircraft, a rotary carb, and the safety and convenience of a remote needle valve
  • Front and rear bearings increase power and reduce wear
  • A nylon backplate prevents metal-on-metal contact when using an electric starter, and provides crash protection for the remote needle valve.
Displacement 0.152 (2.49 cc)
Bore 0.598 in (15.2 mm)
Stroke 0.539 in (13.7 mm)
RPM 2500 - 19000


0.5 BHP @ 18000 RPM
Weight 5.99 oz (170 g)
Recommended Props 8x4-6
Price R Not Available