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OS .12 CV Hyper

Where cooler heads prevail.

Set your car or truck apart from the rest, by equipping it with the latest in proven CV technology from O.S.! If you thought the original CV engines were awesome, wait until you drop a CV Hyper into your car or truck. These power plants take the CV's high-performance features to another level, thanks to a specially designed heat sink head that allows for cooler running. The stock-legal .12 CV Hyper is ideal for all types of sanctioned events, and is available with two different types of carburetors. For more power without taking up more space, there's the .15 CV Hyper. And both sizes are available with a heavy-duty recoil starter as well. If you are looking to get the most out of your model, a CV Hyper Series engine is the way to go!

All CV Hyper Series engines boast these performance advantages:

  • Sealed front bearing that extends engine life.
  • V-groove crankshaft for better lubrication.
  • Webbed, reinforced front crankcase and rear cover to minimize distortion.
  • Repositionable fuel nipple that stops fuel line kinking and simplifies routing.
  • Close-fitting drive washer that helps seal the crankcase from dust infiltration and prevents fuel leakage.

CV Hyper engines run cooler, thanks to the gold-anodized heat sink head. It features a flow-through design that improves air ventilation.

The .12 CV Hyper engine with Type 10A slide-valve carb offers smooth-as-silk operation for on-road cars like the KyoshoŽ GP Spider MKII series.

Off-road vehicles, such as the Kyosho GP Ultima ST Type R, will benefit from the .12 CV Hyper engine with 10E carb.
Displacement 0.129 (2.11 cc)
Bore 0.55 in (14.0 mm)
Stroke 0.54 in (13.7 mm)
RPM 3000 - 30000


0.56 BHP @ 29000 RPM
Weight 6.9 oz (196 g)
9.0 oz (255 g) including recoil starter
Price R Not Available

Also available with recoil starter and choice of carburettor(10A/10E)