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OS .12 CV & .12 CV-X

Two choices in one compact size: Fast— or untouchable!

It's drop-in simple to replace your 1/10 scale vehicle's .12 CV engine with the .15...their size and mounting requirements are identical. Until they're running, in fact, there's only one easy way to tell them apart: by color. The .12 CV is available in a variety of colors — except blue and black, a combination that's reserved for the .15 . Rev 'em up, of course, and the difference is instantly clear. While the .12 CV is fast, the .15 CV goes beyond ballistic!

CV advantages:

  • Lightweight heat sink head — shortened for better clearance — maximizes airflow over more surface area for efficient cooling
  • Front and rear bearings smooth operation, increase run times and extend engine life
  • Type 10E carb has idle and low-end adjustments; an angled, screwdriver-adjustable, high-speed needle; plus a rubber O-ring and rotor boot to seal off air leaks that could affect a finely tuned mix
  • Repositionable fuel line nipple stops fuel line kinks and simplifies fuel line routing
  • Webbed, reinforced front crankcase and rear cover minimize distortion
  • Close-fitting drive washer seals crankcase against air and dust and eliminates front bearing fuel leakage
  • Crankshaft and wrist pin are specially treated to inhibit rust
  • .12 CV engines also come in a "Short Shaft" version for installation ease in Associated vehicles.
  • Includes: glow plug, air cleaner
    Requires: tuned pipe, header, fuel filter

Displacement 0.129 (2.2 cc)
Bore 0.55 in (14.0 mm)
Stroke 0.539 in (13.7 mm)
RPM 3000 - 30000


0.56 BHP @ 29000 RPM
Weight 8.1 oz (230 g)
10.2 oz (284 g) including recoil starter
Price R Not Available

Also available with recoil starter