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JR XP652 Radio System
Programmable Precision at an Affordable Price

The JR XP652 offers programmable flexibility and sophistication at a price just about any modeler on a tight budget can afford. Best of all, if you happen to be into airplanes and helicopters, the XP652 has operating modes for both!

A Complete System
Included with the system are JR 517 ball bearing servos. Ball bearing servos provide more precise control and accuracy over the life of the servo. Standard non-ball bearing servos tend to wear more and allow more “play” over time, drastically decreasing accuracy and performance.

Also included with the XP652 is the R600 FM receiver for rock solid, clean communication. This receiver is small when it comes to weight (1.0 oz) and size (measures a mere 2.06” x 1.43” x 0.55”), keeping the plane light and the fuselage roomy.

Powered by SanyoŽ
To round out the system, genuine SanyoŽ NiCad batteries for both the transmitter and the receiver are included, as well as a switch harness and all mounting accessories.

Amazingly, with all these updated features, the XP652 retains the same low price as its predecessor. Looking for a complete computer radio system? Search no longer, the XP652 is the radio system for you - whether you are a beginner or veteran pilot, this system has a little something for everybody.

Summary of Features

  • Dual Pulse Code Modulation featuring both S-PCM and Z-PCM modulation as well as standard FM modulation.
  • Five Model Memory w/3-character model identification.
  • Exponential Control for adjusting the response around the stick's neutral position.
  • Programmable Mixing so you can "dial out" any unwanted pitch or roll in your airplane, by assigning a little compensating aileron and/or elevator input to the rudder channel. For Heli pilots the XP652 comes with revo mix as well as 120-degree 3-servo CCPM mixing.
  • Ball-Bearing Servos for silky-smooth control movement.
Radio Type 6 channel computer
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 600mAh NiCad Tx and Rx
Servos 4 x JR 537 servos (40.3 oz./in. torque)
Receiver R600 6-channel ABC+W

Other Components

mini switch harness, 12" aileron extension, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available