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JR XP3810 Radio System (JR XP8103)

3 Radios In 1

The JR XP8103 is really 3 radios in 1. With its extensive list of specific software features for airplane, helicopter, and gliders, it's a radio that can handle your entire fleet of models and any you may be thinking of adding to it. The XP8103 was also designed with the notion that modelers would rather spend more of their time flying instead of programming their radio. As a result the XP8103 is loaded with sophisticated features that not only enhance your flying experience but simplify it as well. These include:

  • JR's 3+1 Digital Trims: JR's 3+1 Digital Trim arrangement utilizes Advanced Digital Trims on the roll, pitch, and yaw channels and a mechanical trim lever on the throttle channel - the setup most preferred by modelers we spoke to.
  • Auto Trim Memory: Moving the digital trim switches automatically stores the new trim position in memory for that model. This allows switching between model set ups without having to reset trim position each time and prevents accidental displacement of trim position when the radio is off.
  • Adjustable Trim Steps: This allows servo adjustment of 1 to 10 steps per "click" of the digital trim switches for fine or coarse adjustments of the trim position.
  • Audible Trim Position Tones: Trim position and direction of movement is audibly indicated with "beeps" of varying frequency and tone whenever a digital trim switch is moved. This allows modelers to make in-flight trim adjustments without taking their eyes off the model.
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Screen: Multi-point programmable curves, dual rates, and exponential settings are all graphically displayed to help take the guess-work out of getting the perfect mix.
Airplane Specific Programming:
  • Wing Type - Normal, Flaperon, Delta
  • Elevator to flap mixing
  • Aileron to rudder mixing
  • Landing mode with preset elevator compensation and flap position that can be set to automatically actuate at a given throttle position
  • Snap roll in four directions - right up, left up, right down, left down
  • Flap pot authority adjustment
  • Spoiler channel switch/pot selection
  • 6 free programmable mixes
  • Aileron differential
Helicopter Specific Programming Features
  • In-flight trim adjustment for each flight mode
  • Four pre-programmed CCPM mixes
  • Invert and pitch curve offset
  • Acceleration mix tail rotor compensation
  • Rudder offset position in hold
  • Remote gyro gain adjustment capability
  • Gyro rates can be altered for each flight mode (Normal, Stunt, Hold)
  • Three free programmable mixes
  • External pitch and hovering trim knobs
  • Selectable gyro gain switch positions
Glider Specific Programming Features
  • V-tail mixing
  • Dual or single servo flap modes
  • Flap channel switch or pot selection
  • Elevator to flap mix with independent up and down values
  • Aileron to flap mix with selectable switch positions
  • Aileron differential
  • Flap to elevator mix with independent up and down values with selectable switch positions and adjustable offset
  • Flap to aileron mix with selectable switch positions and adjustable offset
  • Aileron to rudder mixing with selectable swich position
  • Butterfly/crow mode with two independently selectable settings and adjustable
  • 6 free programmable mixes
  • Count up and countdown timer
  • Full-wing trailing edge options including the proportional operation of camber, reflex, crow, launch preset, normal and virtaully any desired trailing edge option imaginable
Common Programming Features:
  • 10-model memory
  • Model reset
  • Dual Pulse Code Modulation (S-PCM, Z-PCM, FM)
  • Data transfer capabilities
  • Compatible with JR's DataSafe PC Interface
  • Dual rate on aileron, elevator and rudder w/graphic display
  • Exponential on aileron, elevator and rudder w/graphic display
  • Reversing on all 8 channels
  • Travel adjust on all 8 channels
  • Fail-safe, PCM modes only
  • Trainer function with assignable channels to be transferred to the trainee
  • Servo positions graphically depicted on LCD Screen

Look at the XP8103 as an investment in your modeling future. Whether your just getting into radio control or deep into it already, the JR XP8103 is one radio you will never outgrow.

Radio Type 8 channel computer
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 600mAh NiCad Tx and Rx
Servos 4 x JR 537 servos (40.3 oz./in. torque)
Receiver R600 6-channel ABC+W

Other Components

mini switch harness, 12" aileron extension, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available