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JR XF 631 Radio System

JR's 631 Radio

A lot of "Sunday Flyers" can usually start out getting by on 4-channels just fine. Most of the airplanes they fly don't require any more than that. But then it happens. One day they walk into the hobby shop and "POW!" They see the most beautiful kit they've ever laid their eyes on, but it requires more channels and features than their trusty old 4-channel can provide. It is at this point that a modeler usually realizes the need for a programmable 6-channel system.

For those modelers, however, who have never owned a programmable system before, a 6-channel system with more programming functions than they really need could be confusing to use and actually get in the way of flying enjoyment. It is these modelers that the all-new JR XF631 was designed for.

Keepin' it simple The XF631's strength is its simplicity. It limits the programming functions to those used by the largest segment of modelers, such as:

  • Dual rates
  • Travel adjust
  • Sub-trim
  • Servo reversing
  • 3-model memory
  • 4 types of preprogrammed wing mixes (standard, flapperon, V-tail, or delta/elevon)

The programing switches on the XF631 are identical to those found on the XF421 and are positioned conveniently below the main power switch. With these two rocker switches, modelers can program the radio in a logical, intuitive manner.

Digital trims and "Instant ID"

To keep the XF631 affordable, JR put digital trims on all four stick controls. Moving any of these digital trims automatically stores the new position in that model's memory, and the Instant ID feature switches the display to show the trim value while the adjustment is being made. Modelers can fine-tune trim adjustments literally "on the fly" without distraction, and not have to dig into the menu to make and save the changes.

A top-notch flight pack

The XF631's flight pack includes the new lighter, narrower R700 Receiver and four of JR's new S537 standard BB servos. The S537 has improved accuracy and twice the space between bearings on the final output shaft for reduced wear and tear as compared to the S517. JR rounds out the flight pack with its standard 600mAh battery pack and switch.

The XF631 is one of the best-priced, easiest-to-use 6-channel airplane radios available. If you're looking to make the leap to computer radios but don't want the complexity that usually comes with programming one, the XF631 is definitely worth a closer look.

Radio Type 6 channel computer
Computer Functions see above
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 600mAh NiCad Tx and Rx
Servos 4 x JR 537 servos (40.3 oz./in. torque)
Receiver R700 6-channel ABC+W

Other Components

mini switch harness, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available