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JR XF421EX Radio System
Computer radios offer many advantages over their non-computer analog counterparts. But there are still those who are reluctant to give computer radios a try, mainly because of the complexity involved in programming them and their higher cost.

Now JR is offering a computer radio that's simple to program at a price that rivals many four channel analog systems the XF421EX.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

JR's XF421EX makes setting up an airplane as easy as 1, 2, 3. It features an accessible two button input located at the top right and left of the transmitter. That's right, only two buttons are used /needed for programming. Your thumbs naturally fall into position on the buttons, which can be moved up or down. The left button is used to select the function (up) and to select the channel (down) while the right button increases or decreases to the value. Both buttons are clearly marked as to their function.

1. Servo Reverse - Press both access keys up to enter the programming. Now press the left access key up to select the servo reverse screen. Pressing the left key down will select each channel while the right key will reverse that channel.
2. Travel adjustment - Press the left access key up to select the travel adjust screen. Pressing the left key down, select the channel, while the right key is used to increase or decrease the travel amount.
3. Sub Trim - Press the left key up to select the sub-trim screen. Now pressing the left key down will select the channel and the right key is used to adjust the sub-trim position.

Guess what? You're all done programming, and you're ready to go fly! It's that simple!

This whole programming process takes about five minutes. That's less time than it would take to adjust the linkages of an airplane using a non-computer radio. And being able to make precise, minute adjustments (even at the field) at the touch of a button (or in this case two buttons) makes fine tuning the flight performance of your airplane a big advantage.

Summary of Features

  • Easy-access programming levers
  • Servo reversing on all channels
  • Travel adjust for simple model set-up
  • Sub-trim on all channels
  • Extra 5th channel, ideal for more advanced models
  • Premium SanyoŽ NiCad RX & TX battery packs
  • R600 6-channel FM Reciever
  • 2 model memory
  • 3 character model naming
  • Flaperon, delta and V-tail mixing
  • Data reset
  • High quality gimbals with adjustable control stick lengths
  • Computer designed, ergonomically styled case
  • Trainers system compatible with all current JR Swiches
Radio Type 5 channel computer
Computer Functions Computer Functions: Travel adjust, sub-trim, servo reversing
Second-Level Functions: Model reset, 2-model memory, V-tail, delta mixing, flaperon, model name, model reset
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 600mAh NiCad Tx and Rx
Servos 4 x JR 537 servos (40.3 oz./in. torque)
Receiver R600 6-channel ABC+W

Other Components

mini switch harness, 12" aileron extension, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available