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JR Quattro Radio System
Are you new to radio-controlled modeling? Wondering what radio system you should buy for your first aircraft? After speaking with modelers and dealers in your area, you may have learned that JR radios are well respected by those who use them, but are not always the lowest priced system on the market. This is changing with the J-line Quattro 4-Channel FM Radio System -- a true 4-channel radio system with the JR look, quality, and feel you've come to expect, but at a lower price.

Familiar features

When you first pick up the J-line Quattro Radio System, you may immediately recognize the look and feel of the radio engineered by JR. J-line uses the same ergonomically computer-designed case as JR's popular XF652, providing you with a comfortable radio.

  • This transmitter features an easy-to-read three-color LED battery voltage indicator that lets you know at a glance if it's safe to fly or if you need to recharge.
  • The Quattro's servo reversing switches for all four channels are located beneath the rechargeable transmitter pack, so you can't accidentally flip them.
  • To better suit your flying style, the Quattro even comes with an adjustable stick length.

Other Quattro standard features include:

  • A trainer system which is compatible with all J-line and JR brand radios.
  • Fully re-chargable NiCads
  • A carrying handle
  • Neck strap eyelet.
Radio Type 4 channel
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 600mAh NiCad
Servos 4 NES-507 servos (43 oz./in. of torque)
Receiver R600 6-channel ABC+W

Other Components

Mini switch harness;
12" (305 mm) aileron extension;
Servo accessory packs;
Dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available