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JR PCM 10 X Helicopter Radio System

X Factor

JR's 10X Heli builds on the already capable 10SxII software, so pilots familiar with the 10SxII will feel right at home with the 10X. But in typical JR style, good enough is never enough and several additional programming and hardware features have been added.


3+1 Advanced Digital Trims:
While digital trims are an asset when used for airplanes, they have an even greater benefit for helicopters. With the 10X each flight mode's trim (normal, 1, 2, 3, 4, and hold) can be independently adjusted using the digital trim levels. Each flight mode has its own individual trim values that are automatically selected in that flight mode. Any trim changes made are automatically stored in memory.

With JR's Advanced Digital Trims, trimming a helicopter in all flight modes is easy and can usually be done in one flight. First the pilot hovers the helicopter in normal mode and adjusts the digital trims for a stable hover. Then he flips into Flight Mode One and trims the helicopter for hands-off fast forward flight. Flight Mode Two can be set up for inverted hover, for example, so switching into Flight Mode Two, the pilot adjusts the digital trims for invertedhover. the pilot then shoots some autos and trims the rudder so it stays straight and gives a bit of down elevator trim to keep the nose from ballooning. The remaining flight modes can be trimmed for any desired maneuver. That's It!

Now when each flight mode is selected, the trims for that flight mode are automatically activated and displayed on the screen. This sure beats stunt trims where you have to land each time and, through trial and error, adjust the trim value for each flight mode via the touch screen.

Software Updates

Dual Rate & Expo:
The dual rate and expo values can now be adjusted individually in each direction (Code 13). This allows the pilot to independently adjust the feel and response of roll, pitch and yaw in each direction. Three expo values and rates are available for aileron, elevator and rudder.

Servo Hold:
In throttle hold (Code 16), a delay time of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 second can be selected so that when the throttle hold switch is turned off and the throttle is at a high throttle position (a missed autorotation), the throttle comes in more gently so the helicopter's drivetrain isn't abused by the typical instant full throttle recovery.

"All servos hold" can be selected from the main screen. In this mode, all the servo poistions are held regardless of stick or flight mode positions. This allows the pilot to enter the software and make programming changes while the engine is running without having to worry about those changes affecting the throttle (or any other servo's) position, possibly causing an unsafe (throttle advance) condition.

Tail Curve:
Tail curve(Code 47) now offers a programmable tail curve in normal flight mode, in addition to the already available tail curves in FM 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Swash Mix:
In swashplate mix (Code 65), aileron-to-elevator and elevator-to-aileron are now separatley adjustable. In addition, 2-servo 180,and 3-servo 120 CCPM mixing software is loaded and ready for use.

Summary of Features:

  • 10 model memory
  • Comes with 5-DS8231 digital servos
  • Dual Rates and Exponential values can be adjusted together or independently
  • 5 easy to program flight modes
  • CCPM mixing for just about any CCPM heli on the market today
  • Easy access for adjusting gimbal stick tension
  • Intuitive touch screen programming
  • 1100mAh transmitter battery - standard
  • Easy to remove Tx battery for charging in or outside the transmitter's case.
  • JR 3+1 Digital Trims allow a separate trim settings for each flight mode.
  • Flight mode-warning alarm that warns if the flight mode switch has be activated before the transmitter was turned on.
  • Adjustable trim steps allows for the value of each step of the digital trim to be adjusted.
  • Great Looking, Durable aluminum carrying case.
  • Independently adjustable swash plate mix values for aileron - elevator and elevator - aileron mix.
  • Adjustable throttle delay for throttle hold.
  • Tail curve now available in normal mode.
  • Complete systems come with DataSafe™ PC interface that allows model memory to be stored on your PC.
Radio Type 10 channel computer
Computer Functions See above
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 1100mAh NiCad Tx and Rx
Servos 5 x DS8231 digital servos
Receiver Included

Other Components

mini switch harness, 12" aileron extension, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available