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JR PCM 10 X Airplane Radio System

JR X-cellence

The PCM 10X is JR's top-of-the-line radio system, engineered expressly for pilots looking for the absolute best in radio control. This radio features the most advanced hardware, and now software, in the radio control industry.

The 10X is housed in an all-new magnesium cast case for strength, style, and function. The case also features non-slip contoured backing for a firm, comfortable grip. The 10X features removable rubber tabs on the back of the transmitter, allowing easy access to gimbal spring tension adjustment. The included SanyoŽ 1100 mAh NiCad can be charged in the transmitter, or easily removed and charged outside of the transmitter, courtesy of the charge jack that is built into the battery pack itself. The PCM 10X system also includes JR's Ultra Precision Digital Servo - the 8231. These servos have 5 times the holding strength of a regular analog servo. Features like these are exactly what you would expect from JR.


JR's 3+1 Digital Trims offer greater precision for tricky maneuvers. The digital trims offer advantages for all pilots; in fact it was learned from a survey of the best U.S. scale pilots that digital trims offer advantages in all aspects of control, except throttle. JR responded by providing a mechanical trim on the throttle that is sure to be appreciated by all modelers. JR's 3+1 Digital Trim arrangement utilizes Advanced Digital Trims on the roll, pitch, and yaw channels and a mechanical trim lever on the throttle channel - the setup most preferred by modelers we spoke to.

While the JR 10X has an on-board memory of 10 models, it also includes DataSafe™, a revolutionary convenience in radio control technology. The PC interface software allows pilots to interface their radio with their Windows 95/98 or NT systems to store an infinite number of models. DataSafe can also save up to 200 models on a standard 3.5" floppy disk. You can even now exchange and e-mail model settings to your flying partner or to any pilot across cyberspace who has the DataSafe™ system and your type of transmitter.

Auto Trim Memory: Moving the digital trim switches automatically stores the new trim position in memory for that model. This allows switching between model set ups without having to reset trim position each time and prevents accidental displacement of trim position when the radio is off.

Adjustable Trim Steps: This allows servo adjustment of 1 to 10 steps per "click" of the digital trim switches for fine or coarse adjustments of the trim position.

Audible Trim Position Tones: Trim position and direction of movement is audibly indicated with "beeps" of varying frequency and tone whenever a digital trim switch is moved. This allows modelers to make in-flight trim adjustments without taking their eyes off the model.

Software Updates The software upgrades of the PCM 10X are some of the most advanced available, but remain the most user-friendly. Enhanced dual rates, two multi-point throttle curves, and new gyro parameters are programmable making this system precise and versatile. And all of this is easy to manage on the large easy-to-read touch screen interface.

Dual Rates & Exponential: Independent Dual Rates (five values are available when flight modes are activated) are independently adjustable for aileron, elevator and rudder for up/down and right /left, allowing each direction's throw to be independently fine tuned. This is especially helpful in getting the same pitch and roll rate with elevator and ailerons. Independent Exponential Values (five values are available when flight modes are activated) are independently adjustable for aileron, elevator and rudder for up/down and right/left, allowing the fine tuning of the feel. This is helpful in matching the same feel for up/down and right/left.

Trim Rate: Trims can be selected so that each of the five available flight modes has its own individual trims that are automatically selected and are adjusted through the digital trims. Or, Flight Mode Trim can be inhibited so the trims are the same in each flight mode: thus, adjusting the trim in one flight mode affects all flight modes.

Throttle Curves: Two Multi-point throttle curves are available and up to 8 points can be programmed and manipulated to any desired throttle response. The two curves can be selected with Flight Modes or switches.

Gyro Programming: Updated gyro system (code 44) allows up to three gyro gains to be selected and programmed via a switch or flight mode. A stick preferential program is available that automatically reduces the gyro gain as the control stick is displaced. Two gyros can be used on your choice of the three main control surfaces (rudder, elevator or aileron).

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. To really appreciate this exquisite radio, you need to see it for yourself.

Welcome to the future of radio control - The PCM 10X

Summary of Features:

  • 10 model memory
  • Comes with 4-DS8231 digital servos
  • Simplified gyro programming.
  • Dual Rates and Exponential values can be adjusted together or independently
  • 5 easy to program flight modes
  • Easy access for adjusting gimbal stick tension
  • Intuitive touch screen programming
  • 1100mAh transmitter battery standard
  • Easy to remove Tx battery for charging in or outside the transmitters case.
  • JR 3+1 Digital Trim System
  • Flight mode-warning alarm that warns if the flight mode switch has be activated before the transmitter was turned on.
  • Adjustable trim steps allows for the value of each step of the digital trim to be adjusted.
  • Great Looking, Durable aluminum carrying case.
  • Complete systems come with DataSafeŽ PC interface that allows model memory to be stored on your PC.
Radio Type 10 channel computer
Computer Functions See above
Batteries Fully rechargeable nicads, Sanyo 1100mAh NiCad Tx
Servos 4 x DS8231 digital servos
Receiver Included

Other Components

mini switch harness, 12" aileron extension, servo accessory packs, and dual output transmitter/receiver overnight wall charger
Price R Not Available