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Thunder Tiger Windstar MKII Electric Power
Over the years, the Windstar has earned a well deserved reputation. It is a good, all around glider with stellar performance which has made it the choice for thousands of beginners and sport flyers. Well, the best just got better!

The Windstar MKII is the same venerable design, covered in rugged and repairable UltraCoteŽ done up in a handsome and highly visible orange and white color scheme. Be the envy of the flying field by showing up with a Windstar MKII. Also available in an unpowered version. The electric powered version is complete with motor and folding propeller.

Wingspan 77.3" (1963 mm)
Wing Area 574 sq. in. (37 dm2)
Weight 55 oz. (1557 g)
Engine 540 PH (Electric)
Radio 3 channel
Not Available