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Thunder Tiger, Tiger Sport 40 L
Choose the Tiger Sport when you are ready to advance beyond a trainer to the next level of R/C flight or need a great looking sport plane. Low-wing design with semi-symmetrical airfoil provides an airframe that has on-a-rail, axial performance so you can learn and fine-tune your aerobatic skills. Large, tinted canopy and colorful trim scheme results in a very handsome and sporty 40 sized airplane that you can be proud of.
Wingspan 56" (1422mm)
Wing Area 542 sq in (37.5 dm2)
Weight 5.3 - 5.7 lbs.(2.4-2.6kg)
Fuselage Length 43"(1092mm)
Radio 4 channel 4 servos
Engine .40-.46 2-stroke, .46-.60 4-stroke
Not Available