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3D Combo

All you'll need to start flying 3D aerobatics like a pro. The JR Models Diabolitin can do it all, amazingly tight maneouvers, stationary flat spins, hover, you name it - the Diabolitin can do it. The super low-speed stall characteristics of the bi-convex symmetric airfoil help this extreme aerobat groove through even the most intense aerobatics.

With the OS 91 FX the Diabolitin will prop-hang, hover on the power-curve, and shoot vertical until it's out of sight.

Using the JR XP 652, all the mixing options you could possibly require are available at the touch of a button, dual-rates for calmer flying as well as exponential for a more accurate center while still having all the throw on the outside for those sticks-in-the-corners maneouvers while not having to flick a switch.

Price : R ????.??

2001 Inkpot Hobbies

Created by Indigo Computers